First thing is first go to this site at 18 5418cac and click the URL, then go to the Otter history and click that, finally scroll down to the Otters 18th@54th@and cac and click it.  Wait a couple of minutes before it completely loads up and if you have any missing photos of the Otters please send them to me for posting to the site. My email is

Next thing on the list there is talk of a Reunion in Dallas Texas next Aug 2016. It will occur on a Thursday thru Sunday. It will be at the closest hotel to the airport.  I believe it it the Holiday

Innand they give out free breakfast for up to two people.  If you are interested in attending send me a email at

Also there must be at least thirty people in attendance to buy the rooms for a

Thursday, Friday and Saturday night  stay.

You may add articles to this but keep it clean the paper will be written 4 times per year and this is the last paper for 2015 Submit your articles to for posting in he next issue

Next issue is and will be the board.  All positions are open and are available for you to chose but do bear in mind that you have to be approved by the attending crowd at the reunion to hold the post.  Also posted is the temporary job description of each position.  All positions report to the President of the Board including me the creator .

As we approach the winter months we have several holidays up coming to share with friends and family with  the 1st one being Halloween on the 31st of Oct.  Make sure you got plenty of candy for the trick or treaters for that event.  Next comes the Thanksgiving holiday and the start of the Christmas season. Have a blessed Thanksgiving  with friends and family and try not to overdo it on the food.  Now we are in the Christmas season withe snow and Christmas music.  I will end the final letter with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Got a request to make from everyone I would like to have  a US Army photo of each

Otter that was assigned to the 18th or 54th Aviation
Companies.  Below is a list of otters by last three no's on the tail and the unit it was assigned too. Also listed is the disposition of that Otter, for example a MAP 71 means that it was assigned to your unit when it stool down Send photos to Jim Wittel web master at
18th Otters

250 Map 71,294Destroyed 69,307Map 71, 285Destroy70, 124Still fly, 699 Destroy 66

707 Made it out, 711 Made it out,715, Still flying,209 Map 71, 213 Map 71, 219 Map 71
227 Map 71, 228 Map71, 231Map.71

18th/54th Otters assigned to  both units

259Scrap VT 71 692 Still Flying,708 Made it out, 717Map 71, 203Map 71,

54th Otters

978 Map 71, 253Map 71, 255 Made it out, 297 Still flying, 300 Map 71, 303 Crash 67,312 Still flying, 313 Map 71, 314 Map 71 320 Deleted 71, 689 Map 71, 704 Still Flying, 207 Map 71, 221 Crash 69,

224 Still Flying.

Jim this i a start of a newsletter that no one was interested in






18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Association

Otter Chopper News

1 September  2015                                                                                                    Volume 1 Issue 1