18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Association

The following site is like having your own personnel center in your back pocket. Makes no difference your branch of service. Each service had the same 214's, medical and personnel records, unit rosters. This site even has grave site registration and many different things which are very helpful.

Go to the following web site for the Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network (http://www.vhfcn.org) and click on Veterans and Family Search and Information.

If you were a Fixed Wing person and who subsequently decided to go Rotor Wing this is also a good site for you to join.


The following links are helpful to all members of the 18th Avn Co, 54th Aviation Company, 255th Trans Det., 256th Trans Det., 339th Trans Co., and the 163rd Medical Det.

1st Aviation Brigade portal (http://www.1stavnbde.com/Hawk/Hawk_index_visual.htm) click to view magazines shows links to brigade units and related websites. My favorite is the section on the Hawk Magazine (remember Miss Hawk) every month? Enjoy your reading. They have several articles on the 18th Avn Co.

The next site is the Army Otter-Caribou Association (http://www.otter-caribou.org/)(AOCA) made up of retired Otter, Caribou, Neptune pilots, officers, and enlisted personnel. (A great place you might find one of your former friends.) The 2010 reunion was at Ft Benning Ga.

Another site where you can also meet some of your former friends from Ft Riley and from Nha Trang, Vietnam are the people from the 339th Transportation Company (http://www.339thtransco.com).

Click here to join the DHC3 (mailto:%09DHC3-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) Otter email group on Yahoo Groups.


The DHC-3 is a update to where the Otters are presently at and this site is manned by Karl Hayes.
DHC-3 Otter Update 3 (http://www.ruudleeuw.com/pdf/dhc3_update_jan2008.pdf)

The Northern Wilderness Outfitters provides a excellent fishing page, I'm not promoting the company but they did and still do have some Otters that was part of the 18th Aviaton Fleet DHC 3 Otter History (http://www.northernwilderness.net/aircraft).

More Otter Links from(http://www.geocities.com/otter12thavnco/support/Othersites.html).

Bob Lautner (http://www.pbase.com/benhua/u1a) Bob Lautner's site about Ben Hua, RVN

Otters Canadian Otters (http://1000aircraftphotos.com/Transports/Transports.htm) Pics of Canadian civil and military Otters RCAF Otter Site (http://www.rcaf.com/aircraft/database/otter.htm)

Official RCAF site - 2 great pics Redstone Arsenal Otter (http://www.geocities.com/otter12thavnco/support/Redstoneu1aotter.jpg) Used Otter for light freight duties at Missile Center.

Squadron 41 IAF (http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/india/sqn-41.htm) One unit of Indian AF flying Otters

US ARMY Alaska (http://www.usarak.army.mil/) Surf in here for current Army Aviation in Alaska

US Army Aviation Museum (http://www.aviationmuseum.org/) US Army Museum at Ft. Rucker, AL

US Army, Sinop Turkey (http://www.pics.com/~bsimons/sinop/sinop.htm) Army Otters in Turkey!
RCAF Otter's (http://www.exn.ca/FlightDeck/Aircraft/Milestones/dhotter.cfm) Excellent site from Discovery Channel Canada

VHPA (http://www.vhpamuseum.org/) Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association