18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Association

Name:                                                                   Date of Death:                                                        Unit:                                            Job:

Brown, Joe J.                                                                  August1,2013                                                                                                         18th                                                                           1ST Lt. Aviator

McElhanon, Bob                                                    Jan. 18, 2014                                                               18th                                             E-5 Crew Chief

Westfall, James                                                     Sept.  2013                                                                  18th                                             Capt. Aviator

Yunker, John                                                         Sept, 25, 2013                                                              18th                                             Cdr. Aviator

With regret the following members of the 18/54th Aviation Companiesare listed as deceased and were members of the Association