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  • Welcome to the 18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Association website. This site is dedicated to the members of the 18th Aviation Company "Otternest" and the 54th Aviation Company "Otter Air Service" who flew the U-1A Otter, and the 18th CAC who flew helicopters in Vietnam.
    Initially our focus began with the 18th Aviation Company and it's attached units from it's inception at Fort Riley, Kansas, subsequent deployment and the 9+ years the 18th Aviation Company operated under combat conditions in Vietnam, it required a real team effort.  From the pilots,the parts room guys, the mechanics, the cooks and the clerks - WE WERE A TEAM. Our officers and enlisted depended on each other. We never then, nor do we now, ever let them down.
    Recently the site expanded to include the 54th Utility Airplane Company who went to Vietnam on the Alexander M. Patch in 1965, including their attached units and detachments.

    When the 18th Avn Co stood down in 1971 it was later reactivated as a D.R.C. in Can-Tho
    Vietnam 1971 as a provisional unit and was later designed as the 18th CAC (Corps Aviation Company). The unit remained in Vietnam until 1973 then deployed to Ft Bragg NC and remained at Ft Bragg until the unit stood down in 1986.
    Our greatest wish back then was to make it home. Those of us who did, owe it to our brothers-in-arms who made the ultimate sacrifice, not to be forgotten. We must never forget that all gave some, and some gave all. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! Thank you and WELCOME HOME!
    We still need documentation (Unit Histories, photos, & stories) for each of these units. If you have or know of their existence, please contact the webmaster - Jim Wittel so that material can be incorporated into the site.

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