18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Association

About Us

Welcome to the newly formatted 18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Association website dedicated to chronicling personal stories and unit histories of the 18th 54th Avn Co's and the 18th CAC and all Attachments/Detachments with DeHavilland Aircraft Corporation U-1A Otters and  Bell and Lycoming Helicopters, both stateside and during their time in the Republic of Vietnam (1959 – 1973).

The Association is not a 501 (c), Non-Profit Organization, yet we are developing proposed Bylaws listing its Executive Board, Mission Statement, Association Minutes and Stated Purpose.

Taking what began as the 18th Aviation Company Otternest website, this Association has expanded to include the 54th Avn Co. (OTTERS)  and the 18th CAC (Helicopters) which is the conversion from Otters to Helicopters with the 18th Aviation Company.

On this website you will find detailed information, photographs, and documentation pulled from various sources, with credits (when known).

We are on Facebook with our 18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Association FB group, our members on FB can converse in real time.

We have our 18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Email List server on Yahoo Groups and you must complete a Yahoo profile when you join.