January 1971

[No significant events noted in unit historical supplement for this month.]

February 1971

The 18th Aviation Company terminated its services to the country of Vietnam officially in February 1971. The time since then was spent turning in aircraft to Vung Tau and turning in all unit property through military channels. The unit had ceased to operate since February 1971 as personnel cross trained into jobs in country or sent home to the land of the "Big PX".

The 18th Aviation Company's use of the Otter came to an end during February 1971. By the following month, one of the Otters had been sent back to the United States and the other 13 flown to Vung Tau, where they were placed in the charge of the 388th Transportation Company, where they joined the Otters recently retired by the 54th Aviation Company. The 388th Transportation Company was responsible for disposing of all the Otters which had served in Vietnam, and did so over the following months.

Of the 63 U-1A Otters that flew with the 18th Aviation Company from 1955 until 1971, several went to other countries under various Military Aid Programs, others were scrapped during the 1971 draw down, and as of (2010) several U-1As grace aircraft museums in many different countries while 14 aircraft are still flying (many as Turbo Otters) around the world. 

March 1971

18th Aviation Company began inactivation.

April 1971

Change of Command

Major Billy J. Hardeman assumed command of the 18th from Captain Rhoderick K. Patrick and the 18th Aviation Company was formally inactivated on 16 April 1971.

I transfer to 388th Transportation Company (ADS) - Vung Tau at Hotel 3, and if my memory serves me correctly, I saw and delivered some of the helicopters and some fix wing aircraft  to the ships going back to the States. 

18th Aviation Company - Vietnam (Last months)


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