18th 54th 18th CAC Aviation Association

18th Aviation Company - Vietnam (1st year)


January 1962

On 15 January 1962 the 18th Aviation Company boarded the USNS Core at Alameda Naval Station for transportation to an unknown destination in the South Pacific. Not until departing Guam on 30 January 1962 was it known that the destination of the 18th Aviation Company was Saigon, Vietnam.

February 1962

The 18th Aviation Company finally arrived in Saigon on 6 February 1962. The aircraft were reassembled by Air Vietnam in Saigon and as they were finished and test flown the 18th started its operation as the only unit of its kind in Vietnam. The Caribou was not operational in Vietnam until sometime later; the Otter carried the full blunt of the work. During the next ten months the Otter time after time proved itself, as did pilots that flew them. Thousands of flying hours, numerous passengers and tons of cargo soon earned the respect of all who came into contact with the 18th Aviation Company. No mission will be too difficult, no operation impossible because this is a “can do” unit.

When the Army finally gets around to evaluating the operations of the various units in Vietnam, we are confident that the 18th will be numbered among the units that have rendered outstanding service.